Business Aviation in Georgia

Each of us dreams about comfortable travel in safety and without problems. If you want to forget forever about finding tickets for desired flight, long waiting for departure at the airport, poor nutrition during the flight and many “stranger” travelers of regular flights, then it is time to apply for business aviation services in Georgia.

A professional broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) – the largest company in Europe, which leases and sells private jets – can help your dreams to come true and have a beautiful and perfect VIP flights.

Бизнес-авиация в Грузии
Бизнес-авиация в Грузии

Comfort and prestige

What are the main advantages of business aviation? Why are travelers willing to spend impressive sums for the lease of business jet?

Answers to these questions are obvious.

Firstly, business aviation is prestigious. By leasing or buying the private jet, you will have a reputation of modern and wealthy person with high status, which means that you will have respect of your employees and competitors.

Secondly, the private jet opens the world of aviation before you in its entirety and endless possibilities: premium class flight that is composed solely of positive moments. Optimal temperature of the air in the cabin of the aircraft, delicious and well-served dishes, broad options of distance work with internet access during flight, comfortable chairs which, if necessary, becomes into a bed, multimedia entertainment on board – it is impossible to list all additional services.

Finally, you will notice the change of your self-image in this world by joining the business aviation club: your self-esteem will be increased and so accordingly – the level of your capabilities and prestige.

Aircrafts of Business Aviation

Modern first-class aircrafts are operated in the field of business aviation in Georgia. In the database of Cofrance SARL there are jets Cessna, Bombardier, Airbus, that are world famous aircrafts, in quality of which no one doubts.

Among all business aviation companies, AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) stands apart from other companies with special and responsible attitude.

We are personally responsible for each aircraft that is included in our database.

You can order charter flight or buy the aircraft of any type: long-range transport for the conveyance of many passengers, small compact aircraft for carrying several people or small light aircraft for one or two passengers. Even if you did not find the suitable aircraft in online catalog of Cofrance SARL, call the broker fearlessly: we will find suitable aircraft for you as soon as possible, because the client’s desire is the law for us.

Бизнес-джет в Грузии

Prices in Business Aviation

Surely, business aviation is not a cheap pleasure, but if you spend money, then do you agree to have exclusively qualitative things and services?

If we talk about the cost for leasing the business jet in Georgia, then the average flight hour of the aircraft will cost 1 000-3 000 c.u. Accordingly, the flight from Tbilisi to Nice round trip, will cost about 40 000 EURO.

Those who wish to purchase the private jet, should be prepared to spend from 2 000 000 c.u.: that much is the average light private jet for one-two passengers.

The average cost of popular aircraft in business aviation in Georgia amounts to 10 000 000 – 20 000 000 c.u. Add to this the cost of fuel, aircraft maintenance, salary of crewmembers, insurance coverage and apron.

Cofrance SARL will help you to optimize expenses, will select an excellent team which will accompany you on your travel and provide all-round support and opens the world of business aviation in Georgia for you from the best side.