Charter an aircraft

Many travelers dream to get rid of all the problems once and forever, which is connected to the travel by airplane: everyone is bored about systematic time transfer of flights and flight cancelation, overcharge prices for the services of airline companies and all those burdens, which have to experience during the flight.

If you want to forget about it forever, we recommend you to hire a private jet. You will immediately feel the difference between the regular flight and flight by business-jet and you will become a regular client of air-broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL).

Lease an aircraft

You only make a call in Cofrance SARL and you will have the flight in comfortable conditions on a private jet in Georgia and with a huge number of additional services that will turn the journey into a fairy tale.

Contact the broker by phone or via internet. A private consultant will work with your order, who will manage your flight.

In order to execute an application, an operator needs to know following information: flight path, duration of lease, the number of passengers and the need for VIP service.

Next step is to check the availability of the selected jet. If the jet is free, you can pay for the lease and get ready for the travel.

Аренда частного самолета в Грузии

How much does it cost to hire the private jet?

The lease of private jet in Georgia is a VIP service; however, it does not mean that it is not available to everyone.

The rates depends on various factors: the model of the aircraft, number of days of stand, number of passengers, and the route. If you plan a long journey with several landings and refueling, then be sure that the flight will cost more. In case if you wish to charter the aircraft in Georgia, planned for several passengers for a short trip without landing, then the price for the rent of jet airliner will pleasantly surprise you.

Thus, you decided to hire the private jet: the price will range from 1000 to 10 000 c.u. per flight hour.
A flight from Tbilisi to the French Riviera will averagely cost 40 000 c.u. In order to get to the other side of the world, for example, in USA, it is possible for 100 000 c.u. and more.

Contact Cofrance SARL for the conditions of aircraft rental service. You will receive all-inclusive services at attractive prices, reliable support from professionals and – the opportunity to order a transfer to the airport, helicopter tour or air taxi.

Private aviation in Georgia: it is prerogative of successful people.