Business Jet in Georgia

Flying on the aircraft is always a bright feeling through not always positive but traveling on a modern comfortable business jet gives purely positive emotions.

Only private aviation provides 100% guaranty that you will be at the place of destination on time; go on trip on a reliable and tested aircraft under the control of highly qualified pilot. You will have no problem in purchasing tickets for the flight, unpleasant surprises from the airline company, huge number of papers and checks: all you need is to order the business jet in Georgia from broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) and start travel.

What is a business jet?

Business jet is the compact aircraft designed for the transportation of passengers in VIP conditions. Twin-engine jets are usually used in private aviation, which can be accommodate maximum of 50 passengers.

In the database of the company Cofrance SARL – aircrafts from world-famous manufacturers: Beechcraft, Cessna, Gulfstream, Bombardier and many others. You can review the offer of the broker in the catalog published on official site of the company, which contains colorful photographs of aircrafts and the detailed description of each model.

You can make an order without leaving home.

1. You choose the model of business jet in Georgia.
2. After choosing the model, you can contact Cofrance SARL in any preferable ways for you: call the company by phone, leave an application for lease of the business jet on website or send us an email.
3. Tell the consultant all conditions of flight: dates, number of passengers, route.
4. When the operator gets ensure that the aircraft is available, you pay the rent and arrive at the airport on the appointed day.

Advantages of business jets

You will feel the difference between the regular flight and travel on the private jets upon arrival at the airport. The waiting time for departure will not exceed one hour; moreover, you will pass short procedure of mandatory document check and will wait for the jet in a comfortable spacious hall.

You will feel like at home when you step on board; the cabin will be decorated, as you like at your request, the menu will be agreed with you in advance and will be matched according to your taste. Business jet will allow you to work without interruption even at an altitude of several thousand meters: you can hold the meeting in the air, to surf the internet or to use office equipment.

The obvious advantage of private jet is that you can order the flight even 3-4 hours prior to departure. In addition, you have the right to make corrections to the passenger’s composition – even in the last minutes before lifting-off.

Бизнес-джет в Грузии

Business jet: the price

The price of business jet is an issue relevant to all travelers. If you do not plan daily regular flights, then you may be satisfied with the aircraft lease service.

In this case, prices depends mainly on the type of aircraft and the complexity of the trip rout. Averagely, round trip flight from Georgia to Europe, for example, to France, will cost about 40 000 EURO.

For those who cannot imagine life without the sky, reviewing the models of business jets and the cost of each of them will be useful.

The most budget aircrafts cost 2 000 000$, but such aircrafts need constant inspection and repair.
The average cost of business jet in excellent condition and designed for 8-10 passengers, will approximately be 20 000 000$.

If you decide to buy the jet for intercontinental flights, then get ready to spend 80 000 000 – 100 000 000 c.u.

The additional costs that are coming up for you – are the costs for fuel, technical repair, apron as well as salary for the crew.

Contact Cofrance SARL: you are expecting to have nice bonuses, such as optimization of expenses, discounts for favorite clients and flight control on the business jet by a personal manager.

Business jet in Georgia from AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL): we are working – you are traveling.