The cost of private jets

Becoming the owner of the jet in Georgia is an excellent decision: after you make the purchase, your life changes dramatically. However, all potential buyers of the aircraft ask themselves the question: how much does the private jets cost? Below our article will help you in this question.

What makes the price?

As a first step, you need to understand what makes the price of jet.
Firstly, the model of the aircraft matters, as well as dimensions of the aircraft. Be sure, the larger is the aircraft, the higher is the price.

Secondly, an important factor is the service life of the aircraft. The new aircrafts are much more expensive than the aircrafts with already having flight hours. Buyers, who want to save a little on the purchase, often buy pre-owned jets, but remember that pre-owned jets require special and deliberate care.

Aircraft equipment and its technical specification represent another factor that affects the price of the aircraft. The more technology are installed on board, the higher will be the price of the aircraft.

Стоимость частных самолетов

Additional costs for the private jet

Do not forget such important point as the additional costs for the jets are. For example, the cost of maintenance of the aircraft, its parking, insurance and salary for the crew.

Remember that all additional options require separate costs: for example, if you wish to put office inventory on board of your aircraft, you will need additional funds for it.

Стоимость частных самолетов

The cost of private jets in Georgia

Now let us talk about how much private jets cost.

Thus, large and long-range jets will cost approximately 90 000 000 c.u. for you. Such aircrafts are able to travel great distances – in excess of 10 000 km.

The aircraft, designed for long-range flights and a maximum of 20 passengers, will cost from 25 000 000 c.u. and the aircraft, capable of accommodating 12 travelers – 8 000 000 USD and more.

If you are looking for a small compact jet for 4 passengers, get ready to spend 2 000 000 c.u. The expenses for the maintenance of such aircraft will be also low – about 700 000 c.u. per year.
The price for used aircrafts, as the type YAK-52, usually do not exceed 2 000 000 USD.

Remember that all potential buyers of the aircrafts from air broker company AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) have the opportunity to have a test flight and try out the jet in action. In case if the aircraft does not suit you, operators of Cofrance SARL will always offer you an alternative model.

Decide to buy a private jet in Georgia and give yourself more!