Aircrafts of private aviation in Georgia

What is a private aircraft in Georgia? It is an opportunity to think and act independently, to enjoy the beauty of your country and out of it at any time as one wishes, opportunity to conduct the business effectively and professionally and to be a truly successful person.

Aircraft maintenance is very important matter. For this reason, before you decide to purchase the aircraft, evaluate your financial and temporary chances and be sure to gather the support from professionals of the world of aviation – specialists from the international Broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL).

This article is prepared for those who are planning to purchase the aircraft in Georgia.

Choosing Jet models

Thus, your decision is firm and final: soon you will become the owner of the aircraft.

In this case, start studying the market. You can see models of aircrafts, presented in the catalog of Cofrance SARL, view their photos and learn about their technical specifications.

Not all available aircrafts are published on the web; if you are looking for specific model of the aircraft and cannot find it in the catalog, contact our Russian-speaking operator: we will find the aircraft of your dreams for you.

Let us view the most popular models of private jets.

Aircraft Gulfstreem – it is excellent aircraft of business-class from American manufacturer. Beautiful model – liner Gulfstream IV is super comfortable jet up to 19 passengers, with stylish large cabin and modern multimedia systems, having great conditions for leisure. The aircraft is equipped with powerful engines from Rolls-Royce. The approximate cost of the jet is 36 000 000$. This is exactly the same aircraft used by world movie star Tom Cruise.

There are other available aircrafts of Gulfstream, for example, G150 – twin-engine jet airliner, presented to the public in 2006 with dual engine Honeywell 731-40R, capable of overcoming 5 000 km at a cruising speed of 796 km/h. The jet is designed for 6-8 passenger.

At least, turboprop aircrafts of Beechcraft are also popular, which you will find in the database of the broker company. For example, review the model 1900C: modern jet for 19 travelers, having both passenger and cargo modification. This is a great jet for regional shipping in Georgia.

The cruising speed of the aircraft – 518 km/h and flying range at full load is 707 km.

Aircrafts of Cessna are among requested airplanes by the clients of Cofrance SARL in Georgia – maneuverable light business-jets, equipped with fan-type engine that have been manufactured since 1972.

An excellent assistant for you in business will be the aircraft Cessna 500 – a twin-engine aircraft that is very comfortable for private use, the passenger capacity is five person. The jet is operated by two crewmembers. The cruising speed of the jet is 662 km/h, flying range – 2 459 km.

If you wish to purchase or lease cargo plane in Georgia, then you should see the model IL-76. This is Russian-made heavy military transport aircraft, a real flying laboratory, whose flying range is 6 500km under load of 40 tons. Aircraft can have five crewmembers and its cruising speed varies from 780 to 850 km/h.


Aircraft: the price in Georgia

At which price is the purchaser expecting to buy the aircraft? The consultant of Cofrance SARL will give the precise answer to this question only after you choose the particular aircraft model.

The model and service life of the aircraft are important factors in selecting the aircraft: the longer is the service life of the aircraft, the cheaper it is. Moreover, dimensions of the aircraft and its technical condition are also important.

Averagely business-jet costs about 5 000 000$. Light private jets for 1-2 passengers can be purchased for 1 000 000 c.u. and even cheaper. The cost of jets – in case of large aircrafts – can reach to 100 000 000$. If you wish to lease the aircraft, then you should know that average flight time of the jet in private aviation costs around 3000 c.u.

Start acting today – and changes for the better will not be long in coming.

Have a safe journey!