Private jets

Private jets in Georgia – luxurious type of transportation and broker company AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) – a professional in aviation market with impressive experience and extensive catalog of models, will help you in leasing or purchasing of jets.

Jet: what are the advantages?

The jet flies with the help from jet engine, which can be of different types: direct flow or turbojet, liquid-fuel or pulsating. In addition, some models even have rocket engines.

The main advantage of these aircrafts is their high flight speed. Moreover, their engines work almost silently and the journey takes place in a comfortable atmosphere.

Private jets can be multi-decked. As a rule, they are wide-bodied aircrafts.

Brief Story

The manufacturers of the first jets were German aircraft designers. Soon American, Italian and British designs showed up. The first jets were the improved gliders without propellers, which were equipped with the new engines.

The first jet in serial production became the “Sturmfogel” of Adolf Hitler, capable of having speed more than 900 km/h. It was followed by German bomber “Arado” with a ceiling of 740 km/h and 10 km and “Junkers-287” with flying range of 1 500 km and speed of 860 km/h.

The first turbojet aircraft in the USSR was MIG-9 and YAK-15 in post-war period as well as legendary jet MIG-15, a fairy-tale aircraft, in the construction of which the manufacturers applied the latest engineering solutions.

The most famous passenger jet – TU-104, launched in the mid-50s of the last century, as well as modern aircrafts, which we will discuss as below.

Частные реактивные самолеты

The most famous and expensive private jets

Thus, the largest passenger jet – Challenger 850 – is able to overcome more than 5 000km without refueling. The price of such powerful aircraft is 40 000 000$.

The magnificent jet – Hawker 850XP – the aircraft of medium-sized, which is considered as the bestselling in its category of administrative use vehicle. It is worth of 14 000 000 c.u.
Large corporate jet – Airbus ACJ319, in which you can place whatever you wish, even the cinema, dining room or superbly equipped office space. The price for this jet amounts to 80 000 000$.

Hawker 4000 is a business jet able to make flight on 6 000km distance, on board of which 12 travelers will freely accommodate. It is a magnificent type of transport for traveling of small group and worth 22 000 000 USD.

Look closely to aircraft Cessna Citation Excel. It is capable of having speed up to 816 km/h and overcoming the distance of 3 900km. The price of this private jet is 12 000 000$. It is the most required aircraft among the leaders of top organizations.

Finally, we recommend you the light Brazilian jet Embraer Phenom 300, by which 9 passengers can travel. The aircraft costs 5 000 000 – 8 000 000 c.u.

Cooperation with AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL)

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