Purchase of the aircraft in Georgia

How to purchase the aircraft for the private use in Georgia? The answer to this question you may found in our article.

You should not think that purchase of aircraft is impossible idea: having necessary information and understanding own objectives are quiet enough and very soon, you will step on board of your own aircraft.

Step by step

For your convenience, the procedure of purchase of the aircraft includes several stages:

Step one: Trial lease

Как купить частный самолет в ГрузииIn order to understand whether you will enjoy the travel on private aircraft (however, you should not doubt about it!), lease of the aircraft from the broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). You may lease the aircraft for any period in order to estimate worthily the benefits of private aviation.

Step two: Selection of the jet

It is time to define the model of the aircraft. Here all depends on your objectives and needs. To those, who need the jet for flights on short distances, for purposes of entertainment, should purchase a small private jet with the capacity of up to nine travelers.

The advantages of these aircrafts are that they do not need large landing strips, besides they are quite economical and cost about 2 000 000 c.u.

We recommend businessmen to look at the aircraft with an average capacity – business jets with VIP-lounge, excellent sound insulation, excellent multimedia systems on board. Such jets can reach the speed up to 1,000 km/h and are able to make flight from Georgia to Europe without any problems. The cost of standard jet is – 5 000 000 – 8 000 000 c.u.

Large aircraft with the capacity of 19 passengers or more are designed for regular flights. The cost of such jets amounts to 18 000 000 – 25 000 000 c.u. and more.

Cofrance SARL cooperates with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers. In our database, you will find magnificent aircraft Beechcraft, Bombardier, Cessna and many others. All aircrafts are leased or offered for the sale and they are ready to flights.

Step three: Signing the agreement

The most important and exciting moment is to sign the agreement of sale and purchase. The operators of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will help you to make the deed correctly and ensure its “correctness” and “transparency” for you.

The amount is divided into two parts: at first, you make a deposit, confirming your intention to buy the jet and bounding aircraft for you, afterward you pay full amount for this purchase. Contributions are made to the account of Cofrance SARL. Usually, the amount of initial payment composes of 35% of the price of aircraft.

Step four: Completion of the process

After you purchase the jet in Georgia, you have to decide following issues:
• to insure the aircraft and to register it;
• to find a place for its apron (airport ramp)
• to hire the crew with whom you will cooperate constantly (if necessary).

Qualified operators and specialists of the broker will assist you in all these.

We hope that this article answered your question: How to purchase the aircraft for the private use in Georgia.

Good Luck!