Jets in Georgia

The jet aircraft is not just a type of transport: it can be called a small aerial hotel where you have everything you need for the work and leisure.

Small size jet aircraft usually have twin engine. Flying range of such jets is average; their cabins are executive-class. Capacity of the aircraft of such type – 5-50 passengers;
As such, translation of the word “jet” from English in “an aircraft propelled by jet engines”.

Why do we need jet aircraft in Georgia?

A business jet is a comfortable travel mode, positional goods, effective and modern business tool.
Generally, jet aircrafts are used by top managers for private flights or for transporting their staff to business events, business meetings or corporate holidays. VIP aircrafts are also respected among the stars and wealthy people, who are using jets for business flights or various ranges, travel and leisure.

Special conditions on board

Business jet is good because you may independently create a package of services, which will be offered to you during the flight (in case if you lease the jet). If you are the owner of the private jet, you can make the cabin in your own way.

If necessary, your aircraft will turn into an office suitable for performing online negotiations and deals, with internet access – in brief, to become comfortable for full-time job. Board of the aircraft can be equipped with sleeping accommodations (berth), mini bar, sitting area, designed under your taste. Onboard cinema, nightclub in the air, entertainer for children, tour guide, gourmet item – all these are available for the owners or the lessees of business-jet.

Aircraft models

The database of Broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), to which you can contact about the purchase or lease of jet in Georgia, includes various models of aircraft.

The most popular of them at present are American airplanes Gulfstream, Cessna and Learjet, Challenger from the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace, Brazilian jets Embraer.

If you want to study the aircrafts in details, the photos of jets you can found in the catalog of Cofrance SARL, as well as, detailed description of aircraft models.

Certainly, photos do not give full picture of jets, therefore it is a good practice to inspect the aircraft personally and make a test flight on it before you purchase the aircraft. Of course, clients of our company have such opportunity.

Rent and purchase of jet aircrafts in Georgia

Broker Company AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) has impressive experience in the field of international aviation. As a member of associations NBAA and EBAA, the company occupies the high position in the market and it is differentiated by a very responsible and attentive approach toward the work, as well as by the highest professionalism.

Choose Cofrance SARL, because:

• It is comfortable to work with us: we all speak in Russian, so communication will be easy and enjoyable for both parties;
• We are focused on the result: after you make the first call at our office, personal manager will work with you, who will be concentrated on your order until its full implementation. We will not leave our client without the aircraft! We will always finish the job.
• AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) – it is multi-functional company. Our operators will organize a flight for you, as well as they will help you to purchase, to register, to insure the jet, to choose the parking shelter for your aircraft, also will help in selecting the crewmembers.

If you are interested in the lease of jet aircraft, we will offer you the aircraft by considering travel rout, passenger composition and your requirements during the flight.

In addition, Cofrance SARL can arrange a transfer to/from the airport for you, a helicopter tour or an air taxi.

AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL): all air services in one company!